Why FooX?

One day we asked ourselves why aren't there any products for foosball fans? The table football community is growing and is full of players who are passionate about the sport and love to play foosball.
Unfortunately, so far there are few opportunities to show enthusiasm for our great sport away from the table.

Foosball connects people like hardly any other sport! No matter what age or level of play, you don't even have to be able to speak the same language to play foosball together!

So after a long brainstorming session, the idea of ​​founding a foosball brand came up. FooX stands for "Foosball experience".

How did we get into foosball?

It all started when Tobi and a friend spent many nights in a small Irish pub with a foosball table. There he got addicted to foosball and it wasn't long before he joined a club and signed up for the Hamburg league. When Linh came to the pub one evening and scored the first goals at the table, she too discovered her passion for table football.

Where do we currently play foosball?

Our mission