Our claim

The textile industry has a great impact on people and the environment. We want to show in a transparent way, how we work and what we do in order to promote sustainable and fair fashion.


Organic cotton



The GOTS seal & FooX

GOTS certification is subject to very strict criteria - and that's a good thing!
Our clothing manufacturer is a GOTS certified company that produces GOTS certified clothing. Due to the separate textile finishing, we are unfortunately currently still forced to remove the GOTS seal from our clothing.

Our goal is very clear: As a customer, you should be able to see exactly what clothes you buy from us. That is why we are working on a solution that will enable us to keep the seal in our clothing despite separate textile finishing. This takes a little time, so we ask for your understanding and patience.

Our partner

Our goals

Because people and the environment are important to us, we have set ourselves goals on how we can contribute to more sustainable fashion. Unfortunately, as a young company, it is not possible for us to implement everything immediately. Nevertheless, we would like to share our most important goals with you here:

Our clothing is made exclusively from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

We use recycled paper for our print products.

We try to make all of our processes as sustainable as possible.

In the long term we want to be able to identify all of our products with recognized certificates.