Leonhart Art Edition

World champion table and work of art in one.

We make no compromises with the Leonhart Art Edition.

Zeus vs. Hades

Will you score the decisive goal in the duel of the gods?

Light against shadow, Olympus against the underworld: Zeus and Hades fight for the fate of the earth the way true gods do - they fight it out on the foosball table!

Choose your side and prove your skills. Do you have the skills of a foosball god?

Elements of Foosball

Table football in an artistic search picture - Can you find all the elements?

Is there time play in table football? What is the most popular technique among the pros? And why are the handles wrapped up when playing? In "Elements of Foosball", you go on a quest into the world of professional table football. We guarantee you: With this design, everyone will look more than once!