The Kixx Hamburg is our second living room. With 18 tables and a great bar lounge, you can spend an unforgettable foosball evening with friends and play foosball for fun or competitively!

But that's not all. If you are planning a company event, a party or a team activity, you should definitely take a look at the Kixx Hamburg for a table soccer event. You find more about the best foosball location in the world here!

Leonhart - the No. 1 among the German table manufacturers & the foosball table of the world champions! Here  you can get handcrafted professional foosball tables in different versions and designs.

Foosball Athlete x LEONHART - Your sport, your moment.
Passion, excitement and heart-pounding match balls - become a foosball athlete and have your big foosball moment with these professional foosball jerseys. A cooperation between Leonhart and FooX.

KOMM KICKERN is an initiative to strengthen table football as a hobby sport. Initiated and realized by the German Table Football Association (DTFB), Silpion IT-Solutions and Kickertool.

Komm Kickern merch? You can get it here in our shop!

The central element is the permanently free app COME KICKERN. It makes venues and clubs visible and connects them with players. It enables anyone, anytime, anywhere to organize a tournament.

Download the free app and try it yourself!